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Electroplating an etched board with some other (preferably silver-colored) metal Answered

I was wondering if anyone would have any insight on my problem. I'm trying to electroplate an etched copper PCB with something that oxidizes less-readily and has a silver-ish color. Any ideas on what metal to use/how to get it into solution? Thanks, -Muffin

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westfw (author)2008-01-17
the tin-plating solutions are usually electroless (not electroplating.) Otherwise you'd need to plate traces before you etch so you could get electrical connectivity to all the traces. A web search for "electroless tin plating" will get you lots of info, including patents. Most of the solutions seem to involve:
  • Stannous chloride (about 0.5%)
  • Thiourea (about 5%)
  • sulfuric acid (about 1.5%)

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jtobako (author)2008-01-16

A Complete Treatise on the Electro-deposition of Metals

The book is 100 years old, so no promises that you can find the ingredients : )

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T3h_Muffinator (author)uguy2008-01-16

Thanks! I saw all of those sites already, though, and I was looking for the chemical formula, not the product.

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