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Email links not working Answered

All of the emails I have recieved since March 1st come through without the pictures, and without any working links.


This is most likely a browser issue, as this is an isolated occurrence affecting Members that use Windows Live Mail.

I would suggest making sure that the newsletter is part of your safe senders list and that you have enabled through-links from emails, along with photos and any other permissions required to display the Newsletter correctly.

I did all the settings you said, but the problem remain. But i don't understand what happened in feb/marc, because before that, there wasn't problem with the instructables newsletter for all that i use win 7 + live mail for two years.

The Newsletter email is nothing fancy, just an HTML table that displays projects and gets mailed out. This issue seems only to affect Windows Live Mail, there may be a setting preventing this form displaying correctly.

(For context: The newsletter appears correctly for in GMail, Hotmail, YahooMail, my mobile browser, IE, FF, and Chrome.)

I have this problem too. I am using Windows Live Mail, in Chrome.

Is this really how the link should look? http://l.php/?u=http%3a//app.streamsend.com/c/17374089/446149/qzAfru9/Bfu4?redirect_to%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.instructables.com%252Fid%252FControlBox-An-internet-connected-knob-to-control%252F&h=VAQFLcinz&s=1

If not, can you post an example original link so I can ask Microsoft about this problem again.

This may also be some help,

I have the same problem since feb/marc with Win 7 + Live Mail. If i forward the newsletter to my workplace, the mail looks good on Microsoft Outlook. I tried a lot of security settings in the live mail without success. Do you have any suggestion?


5 years ago

Since I got a new OS my Instructables emails have dead links. Nothing works at all. I love looking at the projects and I hate not being able to get them, What can I do? Is it the site or my computer or some setting I'm not aware of?

What kind of emails? Newsletters or subscription emails?

What email client are you using?

It is the newsletters I am referring too. I use windows live mail, and I have had no problems until the march first issue. I have been getting these for several years with no problems.
Thanks for the heads up with the google spell checker. I thought I had used that before, but I went looking for it, and couldn't find it. I got it now.

Would you mind forwarding the newsletter you got to service (at) instructables (dot) com? If you put "FAO James" in the title it'll get to me. We'll have a look just to double check that there's nothing wrong with it, it works for thousands of people so I'm hoping it's something in the way your mail client's set up not something that we've done wrong. But I'll compare the emails pre-March to check if anything's changed in the way we do it.


I am having the exact same problem and I also use windows live mail....My email problem has been since around Feb/March too.