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Emailing Instructables staff? Answered

Is it okay to send an email to the people at service@instructables?



Best Answer 6 years ago

servivce goes to me, and a few others who help me out. So, yes, please email us there, and know that all service email go by me.

I have been informed that I have 2 accounts with Instructables. Please remove the account named jconachen09 from your records and accept joecon1234 only. I have been having difficulty connecting with this joecon1234 account to print the steps for a project. Seems that this account is not being read so I can use Acrobat Reader to allow me to print the steps. Also, I have not found a place to sign in. Where do I look for sign-in?

I am trying to change my password neither of the 2 I have attempted are being accepted. What are the parameters for an acceptable password?

If I share my project in your website, what will be the benefits? Is it possible to get certificate?

If your project is is selected for the front page you will get a free Pro membership and be allowed to download a PDF of your creation.. :-)

How can I make my project selected for front page?

HELLO, IS anybody in there?

I have tried to call but, to no avail, Please return my money or call me and I will explain my problem with the withdrawal process 865-659-8183, Carole Conard

Please call me about my account, you have with drawn way too much money from my account. PLEASE contact me. I DESPERATELY need my money back.

Hello, I have a issue with the sign up for your annual course program, it seems if you have with drawn the entire cost of the Embroidery course and then some $29.99 + ? =$35.56, Now here is my issue, I opted for the option for the $2.95 to be with drawn once monthly for the one time membership fee of $49.99, and since I have been on the site course I do not think that it is worth the price of $35.56. I am already an embroidery person and didn't see anything that I could use. I understand that $2.95 isn't alot of money, but since I am on a fixed income I thought I could afford the monthly withdrawals to pay for the membership fee. I WOULD LIKE MY MONEY RETURNED, because I can't benefit from this course. I WANTED TO CALL YOU AND SPEAK ABOUT THIS IN PRIVATE, BUT YOU DIDN'T LEAVE ME ANY OTHER OPTIONS. YOU HAVE MY PHONE NUMBER. I HOPE TO BE HEARING FROM YOU SOON. CAROLE.C.CAT@GMAIL.COM

I want to cancel my membership. Larrybrown@comporium.net

Whenever I try to go to one of the sites, there is a black box that comes up and covers everything. I haven't seen any way to get rid of it so I can see the site.

If I have an Instructable in the 2x4 contest can I still be a judge for that contest? Please let me know before I start judging the contest. Thank you

I have been a judge and of finalists also....Perhaps you should decline this task... I like your honesty...

Hello instructables staff. I'm having an issue with your emails. I enjoy your most daily emails. I'm a huge fan. I tell everyone about your emails. But they have become nearly unbearable..

To leave this comment I have to be a signed up member. Which I did almost immediately after coming into contact with y'all. My issue is every email is loaded with horribly pushy advertising. Especially the sign up with instructables robot! Every single email.. And some of the advertisements take up my phones entire screen and can't be moved out of the way. I would be willing to pay a fee to not be bothered with this. Otherwise I may opt out just because it just gets under my skin something fierce. That's not meant to sound rude, like I said I'm a huge fan. But I'm not interested in all of your pop up adverts.

Aside from that thank you for dreaming up such a wonderful idea and sharing with all of us. What an awesome resource to be able to call on. Hope y'all have a good one!


2 years ago

Then unless this is an attention grab.....

Sorry your leaving the same day you joined us... Just do nothing ! . . and you are forgotten and in effect deleted.

Instructables does not share you email with anyone.

Hi, I've just come from support@instructables.com re an issue I have with TRYING to update my email address with you. It appears others have this problem too. Here is the email I found, followed by my response...


Is anyone
else experiencing problems contacting the Instructables support team via email?

I have
tried to email them via different channels three times now but it comes back as
non-existent email address.... ironically the reason I'm trying to email
support in the first place is because despite changing my contact to a new
email address in my personal settings, emails are still being sent to my old
email address.

If anyone
knows how to get through to support or if they are having the same issue maybe
we can join forces to resolve it..?


Hi, I am having
exactly the same problem! I changed my email address some time ago and recently
I tried to update it with Instructables, but I kept getting a negative message
saying that the new email address is already in use!

What now?

Please fix this problem.


3 years ago

My name is Phil. Your site will not let me print box joint jig plan. Can you help me?

Thank you


forgot my password and user name. you sent user name and asked for reset code. what is reset code? wasn't given one.