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Embed a 3D viewer in your Instructable Answered

I've been using 123D for some of my Instructables projects - sometimes a photo alone doesn't convey a part or project the right way.  You could also use 123D Catch to have photorealistic 3D models of your project, right in your Instructable.
It's pretty simple:
For Tinkercad - on your model's pop up page, there is a "Share" section with an Embed, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest buttons.  Click the embed button and copy the code.  

For 123D, the Embed button is on the upper right-hand side of your model's edit page in the 123D Gallery.  In the pop-up, select the second, longer code to embed.

Once you have the code, go to your Instructable draft.  You could post the viewer as if it were a video - in the buttons above the text box, there is a little filmstrip icon. Click it, paste the code and click OK.

OR: If you have a Pro Acct, you'll see a "Source" button above the text box.  Click it and paste the code in line wherever you want to to go in your text.  

Either way, BAM. Now you have a 3D image that fully shows off your completed project..!


Does it work as the thing where you can turn it around, or is it just a single view-point?

Both, actually. See the viewers I embedded above.

Ah, it won't work on my tablet, it wants me install Chrome to work.

Very cool!