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Ember's Mechanical Designs are now Open-Source Answered

We released the mechanical design files for the Autodesk Ember 3D printer in Fusion 360. Here's what I wrote about it on Ember's blog:

The full design of Ember in Fusion 360 is now available for you to freely view, download, inspect and modify.  I've been having a blast with the explode model function! We're sharing these designs under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, the same license Arduino uses to share their design files. Just like the formulation for our resin, we're explicitly inviting you to understand, remix, and remake Ember.  

Ember's Mechanical Designs are now Open-Source


This page freezes up as some think gets loaded in between.

That's an interctive 3D model of the printer. It's an HTML5 canvas element which should work on all modern browsers. Still, try with some other browser maybe?

I am using the latest version of Google chrome and a broadband connection. Every time I try the interactive buttons at the bottom, the model just gets enlarged and the page gets frozen

I tried all the buttons. It's working fine on my PC without hanging. I too am using Chrome.