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Engraving...suppose you had to engrave a corporate logo/name into something like a laptop exterior. ? Answered

It has to be portable and reasonably compact, since clients don't want said items leaving the building. Chemical etches are probably no-go. A cut-out mask and sandblasting works but isn't very portable and you've got the noise of the compressor.

Ideally what I'd like is something sort of like CNC where an image can be loaded, and the machine then takes over the engraving process. Let's say .25 mm deep. I have some thoughts but wanted to put it out into the hive mind. I'm a 'keep it simple' guy, so if there's an easy way to do this, I'd like to hear about it.?



Best Answer 8 years ago

So your idea is to travel to your client's site and engrave their computers and what not?

The best way is probably with a laser, but they're not very portable.  You might be able to transport one in the back of a cube van and do the etching there, in the client's parking lot.

Another approach might be computer-controlled airbrushing... basically an inkjet printer for larger objects with paints as inks.

The old technique was pre-engraved brass plaques and a nice aggressive adhesive.

A laser engraver can do this for you, and is readily available for purchase or you can send your machines out to many online shops.

If your into art you should be able to use a dremel tool and do it like a tattoo stencile! If not you can get a CNC machine that holds a dremel tool!

This should help you. There is a pretty good video, too.
This process seems to only work with metal items, though.

If that's not your thing, perhaps a high quality metalized sticker (that you would order) would work.