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Enter the 2010 Pi Day Bake Off Answered

Serious Eats and ScienceBlogs team up to host another annual Pi Day Pie Bake Off, and you can win!

Just make your favorite pie, take an awesome picture of it, and send in the photo and recipe for your chance to win $314. 

Last year's winner?  Spicy Pi Bacon Squared

Official rules and details here.


$314? I'm disappointed, they could have offered the extra 16c...
Still, thanks for publicising this.


Don't you mean 15.9 cents?  (Those gas stations get to charge for 9/10's of a penny!  Why can't I'bles give out .9 cents?)

But when it comes to handing over the cash it's rounded to the nearest. Sorry can't think of anything amusing right now.


Oh wow.  I wish these contests were open to Canadians-$314.00 looks like a million to me...now I just need to move to the USA and learn how to bake...sigh

Actually, the Canadian dollar is expected to reach parity with the US dollar this summer, and maybe even surpass it.

Do you remember Steve Martin's charachter in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrals"? The line, "oh reeeeeeally',  comes to mind ;0)

lol -not negative $314.00, I meant plus $314.00.  I wonder if anyone knows of some cool Canadian contests... I'm going to try and research that very question. :0)

Isn't it a bummer Canadians can't participate to most contest... le sigh