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Entered Weekend Projects Contest, still no acceptance or email. I am sure it is eligible. Answered

Hello, I published this Instructable on August 15, and entered it into the Weekend Projects Contest the same day. It has now been two days and I have neither received an email saying it was accepted or denied. I know this usually means it has been denied, but I am positive it meets the requirements.

I posted the Instructable within the correct dates, it is all original work done by me, including the photos. I live in the US, and it can be completed in less than a weekend. I do not get why it has not been approved.

If anybody can explain why, give me the contact information of the moderator, or notify the moderator, it would be greatly appreciated!



A lack of email just means nobody has go to it yet, because it's the weekend!

As long as you've had your "received" email, you don't need to worry about deadlines.

Actually, I entered it on the 15th, which was Thursday, and haven't had an email. So last night I removed it from the contest, then re-entered it, in hopes that it might catch somebody's attention next week.

It usually takes a couple of days for the accepted/rejected email to arrive...

It looks like the moderator was busy or backed up, there are a bunch of new entries now.

Ah, ok. Well, it was just accepted a couple hours ago. So problem solved.

Also, I just removed it from the competition, and entered it again. Hopefully this will catch the moderator's attention. I received an email that my entry has been received, and will be moderated.