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Epilog Laser Contest - Urgent Answered

I have my Instructable here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Flamethrowers/
and I tried to enter it into the contest, but it doesn't show up under recent entries, and when I go to the contest page itself and click "How to Enter" it says "Your Instructables that are already entered in this contest pending moderator approval." 

How long does it normally take to get approved? Am I missing something here? I really want to enter this, and with the deadline less than 4 days away, I need help :-)



Keywords like flamethrower, flame, pyro fire, pyro stuff, and fire will hold this back for review.
Next time don't add these tags until after it shows up.


Just curious, any idea how long it generally takes? Sorry for asking so many questions :-)

Well it's holiday season, so I'd give it until later in the week.


Really? That stinks but thanks for the tip!

Because you got that message, you're fine.

Keep an eye on your emails - you should have had an "entry received" message, now you're just watching for an "entry accepted" message.

The most probable reason your contest doesn't show up is the subject of the project - it will be ties up in the filters, waiting for a real human to authorise it for publishing in the "recent" list.

Do not fret, you have met the deadline, and, if accepted, it will be visible in time for voting.

Yep, I got it. I forgot what email I had my Ible's account linked to, and just realized which one it was. :-) Thanks for the help!