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Error message, usb draws too much current.? Answered

Got error message usb drew more power than it could handle. Motor is 3v but dk how much current it draws. Could it be more than the 250mA limit? Could I have destroyed the transistor?

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bekathwiaBest Answer (author)2017-07-04

That warning usually only appears if there is a short in your circuit, like a misplaced wire connecting power and ground. Can we see a photo of your circuit so I can double check it for you? Additionally, not all USB ports deliver the same max current, so yes, your Arduino could be drawing more than the port can provide if its limit is low. Your transistor is likely just fine, unless it got very hot and/or emitted a puff of smoke or an odd odor. Try a different USB port or a powered USB hub, or a USB AC wall plug adapter.

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