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Error "the ipod "ipod can not be upgraded because an internal error occured"? Answered

Well as stated above I get an error whenever I try to upgrade my fourth gen ipod touch, I have tried with too computers both running itunes 10.5. Help?


As a general rule of thumb, many of the problems with iPods can be resolved by resetting it. I'm not sure which type you have, but the regular ones it's hold down both the center and menu buttons for like 10 seconds. That might help, it might not. If that doesn't work, you can always format it. That's a bit drastic. though.

Apparently apples servers got overloaded so people kept on getting errors, I just got it to work.

Yes, asking Apple why their stuff ain't working would have been my suggestion.


Another option is to gently place it in the toilet bowl and flush, another problem gone down the drain.