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Error while loading instructables after update Answered

After an update of Instructables not that long ago, I can no longer see any instructables or even log in on my Samsung SIII+ phone. When I try on a newer Samsung S8 it works fine.

After starting Instructables, the error message is:

"Error while loading Instructables. Please reload and check and check your internet connection"

My internet connection is fine - through WiFi as well as 4G and both have been tried.

Any ideas?




What browser are you using?

Does it happen only when trying to view an Instructable, or any page on Instructables (eg. your profile page, forums, etc...)?

They need to know this stuff :)

The problem is only seen in the Android app. Loading Instructables in the Chrome-Android browser works fine.

However, the app problem varies. Today it doesn't give any error message - there are just no images. The text is there, but the images are simply black boxes.



This explains... I will uninstall the app and add a link to the mobile web version instead.