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Errors when trying to publish --> Can't submit project to contest Answered

I've gotten some weird errors while trying to get my project entered into the Valentine's Day contest: Double posts! We already have that! Error 500! So I'm not sure if I can get my project submitted by the deadline, is this keeps up. Any contingency plans?


You have until the end of this weekend to publish. Let me know what your specific problems are.

I've been working on publishing this instructable since last night, with some pretty weird errors.
(According to the active bugs page, people've been having touble like mine pretty frequently since November, so "until the end of this weekend" might not be enough time for these bugs to be sorted out.)

https://www.instructables.com/id/EOQUUIMD2REXCFH1KW/ is where I've gone into as much detail as I can about the problems I've encountered