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Etching a pcb with bleach?? Answered

Yes i know there has been a question about this already... but im asking it again. Can you etch a pcb with bleach? I dont really want to go out and find ferric chloride or hydrochloric (muratic) acid :) I just wanted to know if this would work.  Also pros and cons would be good too, if not possible i can find a place with the right chemicals.. :)



Best Answer 8 years ago

You need the right counter-ions so that the copper dissolves rather then surface-corroding.
Bleach ain't best.


idk then... ammonia? read that someplace.... counter ions..... :S

i found some brass cleaner :) that might work oh well.... probably going to get muratic acid

Get what works. Ammonia stinks and it's basic rather than acidic.


k... Got some muratic acid.. thanks for all your comments!

Can't etch a PCB in bleach.

Any other ideas? for stuff that can be found around the house?

HCL you can get at a car battery place if you ask nicely, H2O2 you can get from a hair stylist's suppliers. Steve

hmmmm.... possibly... wouldnt a strong acid work? oven cleaner...anything like that?

HCL is pretty easy to get, even from a Janitorial suppliers, or as "brick cleaner" The Cupric chloride method is REALLY effective.