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Ethernet connection - strange problem. Green wire acting like a starter & is not needed when a connection is made! Answered

I connected 2 ethernet cables together by simply removing their shields and twisting the naked wires together. I was able to get a good connection but a very strange thing is happening.
I need to connect the green wire just to start the connection. Once the connection is established it does not matter if the green wire is connected or not.
After some time the connection turns off and to turn it back on I need to re touch the green wires together.
The connection comes off if I turn off or on any switch in my room!
What is happening?

I have also made a video of the thing if anyone wants to see it, in order to better understand the problem. This is theyoutube link

Please, if anyone knows what is happening and the reason for this let me know. Also, how can I make this connection more durable?

Note: I just added an image to show the distance between the two unconnected green wires. The net connectivity is On even when the green wires are not connected.


You are, somehow, maintaining a connection by capacitive coupling - the frequency of the transmission is so high that it can pass through poor wiring cleanly.


I just added a photo to better explain. Can data really move between wires so far apart?!!?
And if this is the case then please advice how can I make it more secure. Thanks.

Incidentally, you are showing the wires above a nice, fat metal plate, increasing the coupling between the wires.

I placed the altoids tin just to give an idea of the distance of separation.
Anyway, any idea how I can stabilize this connection so that it does not turn off every now and then?

The data IS moving, according to you. You might try "pings" through the link, and see how the TTL holds up as you play with the wires.