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Ever tried cooking using Sous Vide? Answered

I have found that using a PID controller (Inkbird ITC-308) hooked up to my crock pot gives me a perfectly cooked steaks (and chicken) every time. I finish it off with a cast iron skillet and a torch.

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-07-04

Sous Vide cooking is silent in this class as it's aimed at a beginner with basic cooking tools. Though sous vide isn't necessarily difficult, I felt there was a technical aspect that didn't fit into the rest of the curriculum (I almost left the Smoking Lesson out for the same criteria, but reasoned that you could smoke very inexpensively with not special equipment).

Sous vide has a place in cooking meat, but I probably in a more advanced class. If you've got a high quality comprehensive guide I'd be happy to link to it from here for the 'further reading'!

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Hoblin (author)mikeasaurus2017-11-22

These times there are tons of home-class sous vide tools under $100 available. And the whole process is much simpler then these described here so that's no longer a "pro" method.

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