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Everyone please say hello to 'The Teacher Is Dead HaHa', my upperclassmen who just joined. Answered

So yeah, a couple of weeks ago I invited my upperclassmen 'The_Teacher_Dead_LOL' to chat with me, DJ, littlehef37 and n8 on the I'bles chatroom. It was pretty fun, so I asked him to join I'bles just for the heck of it, and he did. His acc is 'The Teacher Is Dead HaHa', and his main point of interests are cooking and photography, so if he might get his lazy butt up his couch and start working hard, you might be able to expect a few cooking and photography I'bles from him. He's a really nice guy, and he doesn't like K'nex (he (jokingly) insulted DJ in the chatroom for playing with 'toy guns' (ROFL) ), so you K'nexers better not be spamming him :-P He's around one and a half year older than me BTW, I'll be 14 on September and he just turned 15 on February. He will be (I think) online around the same time as me, 'cuz all the kids in my school are basically online around the time I'm on, so, yeah.... Oh, and another thing, he's not so good at speaking English. He's a D student in English, but he's open to a lot of constructive criticisms on his English. He does use capital letters, commas, full stops etc. properly though, and he doesn't spell badly because he actually wants to, so that's a plus, I guess... Well, I guess that's it. Moga2 lo bisa sukses di nih website cuy, best of luck dari gw lah! :-P


lol criminal! :-P just kidding, but srsly, a bunch of US criminals look like that dude.

Thats not generalizing or anything..

LOL! Seriously though, does US criminals look like my little friend over there? Because that's what he really looks like in real life, really! I snapped that pic when both of us was having a sleep-over (not the girly kind, the manly kind) in his divorced dad's apartment....

LOL....Ah well, he could still go to college in Swaziland...

i wasnt trying to generalize.... I was just explaining my random joke.

LOL, he ain't a criminal, he's just a little stiff.


9 years ago


Thanks! Be sure to drop off a greeting on his Orangeboard!

KK! Hey, are you up? It should be, like, 9:49 pm there, right? Come in the chatoom! :)

...Awww, you're not on....

ur not either. can u try to come on now?