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Everytime i air up my tires they blow. Why? Answered

Okay, when i air up my tires on my bike, the tire comes off the rim, the tube comes out and pops, even at 55-65 PSI exactly what they are supposed to be at. How do stop this? Please!! It is getting expensive!!



8 years ago

it may not be th rim, i mountain bike and have ran into this problem myself. sometimes thorns or glass puncture the tire and get stuck in the rubber and pop the new tube when you air it up, carefully run your finger along the inside of the tire to feel for something sharp, if you find it carefully  remove it.

My dad found the answer to this question actually, He said my rim has no lip to hold the tire in place causing it to bulge out and blow.

Sounds like your tires aren't matched.  If you are using 27 inch tires on a 26 inch rim, if you are using mountain bike tires on a street bike or vice versa, if you are using a mountain bike inner-tube with a street tire, if you are using a 27 inch tube with a 26 inch tire...

If the tire is easy to get on and off the metal, it's the wrong tire.  If the tube folds in the tire, it's the wrong tube. 

Well, i had the tube and tyre on one bike, it was 26in and worked fine, but the rim was bent and i wanted it on my main rim. Why would it work on one wheel but not on another, i have used the same size tube and tyre on my main rim, and all that, 26in x 1.95.

maybe you are using too big of an innertube

or somehow you stretched out the outside of the tire, so get a new one


8 years ago

That's 3.8 to 4.5 bar!  Isn't that too much?  I don't even make my car tyres that much!

Try this, pump it till it stays firm when you're on it. A little bulge is not that bad and makes the ride softer. Nicer imo.

The pressures sound fine - its a very narrow thing a bike tyre, you only have two of them and the pressure x contact area = your weight.

The tube your using is not compatable with the tire you have on the rim,  Check the instructructions on the inner tube and disregard what it says on the tire.  Your best bet would be to take your entire bike to a local shop.  Someone that will listen to your needs.  No big box shop will take the time.

Is everything the right size and in good condition?


 you should take off the rim and make sure it is all even and isn't bent anywhere or has any dents. also check if the tube is the right size i.e using a 26inch tube on a 24 inch rim won't work. hope this helps. p.s just a question, have you taken your bike to a bike shop to check it out yet?