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Evolved Gardening Answered

I love having plants indoors and I'm always interested in new ways to grow and display things. A firm called Boskke is redesigning how we approach indoor container gardening. 

"BOSKKE means ‘a small forest’ and that’s exactly what you can create with our intelligent eco-sensitive designs." 

Boskke - Evolved Gardening
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very slick marketing, I have a gut feeling in the decades to come we will see our inside space merge much more with the outside world as space become more and more precious

Its that all encompassing lifestyle marketing. They make a picture or a video or even a store environment and offer up a compellingly clean new and well designed life. Kinda scary on some level.


Quite scary, indeed..

A too-clinical and sterile, everything neat and perfect approach to life will eventually lead to those involved becoming that much more removed from the realities of the natural world, agriculture, manufacturing..


6 years ago

The smartest way to garden indoors remains regularly rotating the plants with fresh plants from outside, every few weeks...

Before things go "belly up" with the indoor plants.

And often much cheaper than buying into some of these glossy "new" you-beut' products.

How long does it take before geotropism turns the plants over and spoils the look?

Some of the leaves in the ads were already starting to turn over...

I guess I can see it for toms - saves staking them up - but the only cucumber I ever grew was a climbing vine affair, that filled the entire conservatory , climbing from roof-beam to roof-beam to give us a green ceiling.

I've never done the Cuke thing, but I have grown summer squash, and they are about the same way.......taking over the garden and climbing the fence, etc.

Haha, so who is going to do the DIY version of this first. Glad so many are interested in talking about it. :)

I saw a show once about a big conservatory where they grew pumpkins up the beams and across the rafters. They held the whole mess up with what amounted to twine and fishing nets.

Actually, I have seen a bunch of people "on line" that do this all the time. I am not sure if anyone in here has an ible on it yet or not.

Morning Glory's will do that too, just take over. If you want something to take over subterraneanously, try Jerusalem Artichokes (no, they aren't actually artichokes....they'll like mini potatoes and it is not easy getting rid of them once they are in the garden area......