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Excellent Forum, Glad I Joined Answered

I just recently joined as a Pro member, but I've received a lot out of Instructables over the years.
The last "prank" instructable that I participated in were those cell phone zappers.
I don't know what kind of experience or success rate other members had with this, but I just wanted
to die laughing at times when in stores, doctors offices, etc..., and someone would either call or receive
a call, and 'ye olde zapper' went into action, and I'd estimate a good 90+% of the time, the call was terminated very shortly because of a dropped [or loss of] signal. My unit was rigged  up in
a book, so it was really drew no attention.


Yeah, it's great to be a pro

Not at the time, but I'm always coming up with something.

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Glad you're enjoying the place... 

Hello then.
Got anything to make and publish?