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Excitebike made out of wood Answered

This pixelated wooden motorcycle that Justin Harder made based off of Excitebike is just awesome. It looks like a ton of work and love went into this one. Great job.
ExciteBike motorcycle built out of wood hits us like a ton of pixels


awesome i just downloaded the wii ware version then i saw yours


7 years ago

That link doesn't work for me... examining the source I see

<a href="http://ExciteBike motorcycle built out of wood hits us like a ton of pixels">

Something may be broken...

Works for me. Maybe try again?

The linkl doesnt say if it runs...I suspect it wont. Extreme temperatures + wood = fire The CG video is awesome though. I'm guessing the person who made the bike was inspired by the video as well as the game itself. I hope he shows the final result. Painting, make a pixelated suit and helmet....etc.

Haha, I loved that game when i was little! It was the only one that my brother would let me play :D I wish it wasn't wood, though, then I could actually ride it!

That is just SWEET!

Haha, that's cool. Looks like it was made out of Lego.

It looked like legos at first until i saw the name
Still great bike and can you use it?