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Exercise bike racing. Answered

Iv recently purchased a mirafit pro exercise bike,it has a cadencse sensor (2 wire connecter)linked to a ok ish computer kph distance calories,i was wondering if theres a way of making it more enjoyable linking the bike to a computer video game or something along those lines,iv had a look on the net for ideas but cannot manage to string components to a game/software without spending a lot of money.

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Vyger (author)2017-03-10

There is a very good chance that you would eventually find yourself more interested in the game than the pedaling. When that happens you will just attach a small motor to the bike so it can keep racking up the miles while you just sit in the chair and run the controls.

There was a sci-fi movie not long ago where they had people manning banks of bikes designed to generate power for the community. It was an interesting idea. Especially when you consider just how many people waste the energy they use with any exercise machine. Why not harvest it and use it as a resource?

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Jack A Lopez (author)2017-03-09

Oh wow! You "had a look on the net for ideas" ?

If you thought any of what you found was relevant to this question, you would have cut-n-pasted a link, amirite? So what you found must have been not worth writing home about, so to speak.

I am guessing you want to convert that, what you call cadencse (cadence?) signal, into a kind of "rapid fire button" signal, like that described in instructables found via let's make search for "rapid fire button"


You should listen to your speed sensor signal, to hear how fast it goes, or connect it to frequency counter. If it is too fast for your video game, you might need to slow it down with some divide-by-N logic, essentially a counter that counts to N.

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