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Experianced Overclockers?? Answered

Is anyone experianced with pentium m (mobility) processors? I've got a thinkpad r51 from the school, and runs at 1.5ghz, I know I can get around 1.8ghz out of one of these. The ones at school are 1.6, for whatever reason I got a 1.5ghz I'm not sure. I haven't found any tools that are compatible with it.


um.. i have a 2.8ghz laptop, and it's slower then my 2 ghz desktop any ideas?

Depends, if it's an intel, it's probably useless.

. Higher clock speed = more power. To increase battery life, some laptops will reduce the clock speed. Sometimes they get carried away and reduce speed when you really need it.

oh... i thought you were telling ME to reduce clock speed....

. I wasn't very clear, was I?
. Sorry about that, Chief.

. A lot of laptops have a power-saving mode(s). One trick is to reduce clock speed. Check your BIOS.

Actually, you are right about that. For most laptops, if it's windows xp, it's a matter of changing the power management settings (IE, in your power saving panel in the display properties) I do remember changing the preset to game/homeoffice or something like that and it caused my cpu to stay at 1499mhz instead of constantly re-adjusting itself when needed (which I found to be horribly laggy). Perhaps he can try that?

reduce clock speed?

i've disabled all that power saving crap
and still it's slow!

I have Computer:
Motherboard: ABIT-IG31
Processor: Intel Core2Duo E7200 2.53 Ghz Cache 3MB LGA775
Video Card= Digital Alliance Radeon HD3600 512MB
Approx. Total Memory (Display): 1024 MB
RAM: DDR2 800 Mhz Team Xtreem Dark 2GB Kits (2*1GB) Dual Channel Kit
Overcloking Memory Modules
Heatsink Fan (On processor): OXYGEN 3516 RPM
Optical Drive: LG GSA-H55N 20X
Monitor: BenQ T51WA max res. 1280 x 800
Speaker: J-S
Mouse: Logitech Optical Mouse
Keyboard: OKION Freetonic Desktop Keyboard U+P

I want to Overclock it but I don't know.
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Hmm that's not a bad machine, if you really want to get a couple more hundred mhz out of it though, PM me and I'll give you my msn, I can walk you through the steps of adjusting your fsb gradually.

I would strongly recommend not overclocking a notebook. They're already pulling every trick in the book to keep that computer cool. Any messing with the works is going to run it hotter without the ability to add a bigger fan or water cooling. If you want to experiment with overclocking, get a desktop unit that you can ultra-cool at the same time.

I have a amd 1800+ that technically I could overclock to like 2.3ghz, but I can't because do to my ill fated motherboard, it ceases up as soon as you try to raise the fsb higher than 100mhz and you have to remove the battery and reset it. It already has a giant thermaltake fan in it, trust me, people complain when I turn it on do to it's monsterous noise, stays at 23 celcious under load :p . This thinkpad has a rather large fan in it (yes I took it apart...) and I have a fan utility that can turn it up to almost 6000rpm, moves more air than heat that can transfer from the heatsink so I want to try it out. Supposedly clockgen works for pentium m series after some googling, but it seems to work with every computer but mine. I'm rather sick and tired of having machines where every other kind of machine/brand even slower computers can overclock or do some fancy thing and mine can't.

I'm not too familiar with overclocking, but doesn't turning up the FSB also affect your memory? That may be why it has a problem. My BIOS does have a soft reset (i.e. if you stuff the settings it's a wait &/or key-press) Check your manual. I've got an AMD on a Gigabyte board, which comes with it's own Windows-based overclocker, if any one would have asked.

You are right. If I had a step up model of thinkpad, I could use a program to overclock.