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Explosives Answered

I'm looking to make explosives for some homemade fireworks. I want something to put in what I already have to give it a nice loud bang. I don't have a clue where to buy stuff like potassium or salt peter and all that good stuff. But if you could give me a few suggestions, that would be appreiciated.


i have a few files if you want. (home made explosives)


11 years ago

I'm in the same boat as you are, in Canada you can't buy anything that makes loud noises or flames that you shouldn't use for cooking food (including saltpeter), the god of homemade explosives. I need a recipe to make something out of LEGAL ingredients.

Coffe Mate makes a good flames, but not an explosion unfortunately. It's the edible oils in it. My sister told me about that (off all people...).

Correction: Coffee Mate

if it's just the oils, then why does flour do the same thing?

hint : maximum surface area = fast burning

I dunno. I don't know how it works. Don't ask me.

Different fertilizers have different mixes. Ammonium nitrate is just simple and cheap to make. Potassium nitrate (KNO3) is the one extracted from the seepings from manure or cellar walls.

Why would you use a alkaline metal salt to fertilize plants you do realise that pottasium nitrate is used to kill tree stumps ?

if you read the label, the potassium nitrate is allowed to soak into the stump. later, the stump is burned-the potassium nitrate being used as an oxidizer.

hahah true that i was told old horse crap then just soak in in 40%+ ammonia solution then other steps i have written down somewhere i really should do it sometime but i think ill wait till i start my BA chemistry course at uni that way i have the books and access to some chemicals and a lecturar who knows how its done :D

ahh i see i just thought it made the enviroment around it that alkaline that it died off none the less i still have to find a place to buy that stuff so i can make black powder or a smoke bomb

I'm just going by what's written on the side of the box in the garden centre. Presumably plants need traces of potassium to be healthy, just like we do.

potassium is the third number in fertilizer (as in 10-10-10), the other two being nitrogen and phosphate.

urine, actually. usually mixed in with the manure. at one time, the urine of arch-bishops was said to be best-but that may have been an excuse to pay more for it as a sort of bribe/honorarium.

Just a heads up If your going to buy Potassium nitrate from stump remover, make sure you DONT get the BONIDE brand. I once bought Bonide stump-out and it did NOT turn out to be potassium nitrate, it was pyrosulfite AKA sodium metabisulfite. Make sure it is ether Spectracide or Grant's brand.

linkIf you want to buy powder premade (recomended), purchase Estes model rocket engines. Get the ones that are labled booster stage, and unwrap the casing. Knock of the clay nozzle and grind the powder. Be careful though, the powder will ignite if ground with a metal grinder, or if pressed to hard. Go to this link for more on extremly dangerous explosives and how to make them (not recomended) (wherever the link is). Note, the procedures on the link are extremly dangerous, I personally don't recomend undertaking them. Unfourtunetly, I believe Red Green gave an acurate depiction of Canadians, so it won't be my fault when you don't follow my advice. See you in the mourge suckers!

oh i just thought of something fun if you can get your hands on iodine crystals and mix them with amonia and turn it cak to a solid you have made a touch explsive called nitrogen tri-iodide

Great something i can help with well if you dont know where to get salt petre if you can get your hands on that then theres this stuff called "Gordons stump remover" its like 99 percent pure potassium nitrate, so yeah just reply to me and ill give you loads more pointers

"Salt Petre" = "potassium nitrate" = "nitrate fertiliser". Ammumium nitrate is a perfectly acceptable substitute.

Explosive laws are (AFAIK) tighter in the UK that US/Canada, but you can still buy the basics for a form of gunpowder from garden centres and DIY stores.

Roguesci is a good resource to read, especially http://www.roguesci.org/megalomania/ .

Make sure you read the safety notes!

Hmm, well I Was looking at making thermite, and btw, I'm mr devious and didn't get all your posts, as they locked that account

I needed suggestions on explosive recipies and how to make them, not where to buy them.

I am also in canada. and i have looked at that united nuclear site but on their site is says.. only ships to USA so scratch that. You can buy saltpeter in the pharmacy. it comes in bottles. i don't know what people use it for. if you don't see any maybe go ask a pharmacist where it is and if they ask you what it's for. just say grandpa sent you for it. Also around my house (20 min drive) there is some indian reserves and some guy comes around halloween and canada day i think and sells fire works for a week. Other then that. hmm you can get dry ice from a local gas dealer that sells bottles of oxygen, acetelyne and lots of other gases for welding and medical stuff and crap. so maybe check out those leads

www.roguesci.org read first, then ask questions or get your @$$ handed back to you for being stupid. it is NOT a polite group, but they have lots to offer.

"I don't have a clue where to buy stuff like potassium or salt peter and all that good stuff. But if you could give me a few suggestions, that would be appreiciated." I was answering this.... Anyway, I think they might have some links to recepies or something on that site, it is pretty helpful