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Eye-fi Eye Films now a Thanksgiving contest prize Answered

Instructables just received some beta Eye-fiEye-Film cards. These amazing little devices are SD-memory-card-shaped packages that go in your camera and wirelessly upload images. Right now, the awesome people at Eye-fi have a few of the major photo-sharing and photo-storing sites integrated with their service.

I took a picture of numberandom in the shop, and before I got back to my computer, the image had been uploaded here to my Flickr account, geo tagged, and placed on a map. Holy cow that's awesome!

Now, I will admit that right now the integration with Instructables is quite lacking (I had to download the image in this post from Flickr and reupload it to Instructables!). However, I'm sure everyone can see the direction this wonderful piece of hardware moves us in -- one step closer to the Memex!

"One can now picture a future investigator in his laboratory. His hands are free, and he is not anchored. As he moves about and observes, he photographs and comments." More here and here.

In the near future, you'll be able to just take pictures and have them automatically appear on the web ready for use. Anyone remember developing film pictures (and maybe scanning them)? Hopefully, uploading will soon go the same way.

We have three of these that we're giving away as Grand Prizes for the Thanksgiving contest. So, if you want to take your documenting and picture taking to the next level, you'll really need to take Thanksgiving to the next level.


Very cool shit. I would love to get one of these in order to avoid the hassle of transferring images. But I have a sony camera and I'm no planning on upgrading for a long while. I also don't have any projects that would win it. Or even be Thanksgiving related. BTW, where is that GPS data coming from?


11 years ago

That is so cool! I'm always having to steal the card reader from my wife's computer..... it sounds like it's pretty fast too. I could take all the photos while working in my garage and then leave my camera there and go to my downstairs office and already have the photos there. What a great product!

I plugged the card into my computer and copied an image to the directory made by the camera. It did not send that image over to Flickr.

These are awesome! Do you know the approx. MSRP of these once they hit the market?

I just checked the card itself by plugging it into my computer. It appears to also be acting as a normal memory card and all the pictures I've taken (which have also been uploaded) are sitting right in the folder made by the camera.

so if you deleat it from your camera will it delete it from everywhere else this is amazing

No. If you don't like the picture, and it has already been sent from the camera to the web, you'll need to delete it from wherever it was sent. If you delete it from the camera before it's sent, I assume it never gets sent, but I haven't tried yet. More details as we play with them over the weekend.