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Eyebeam Fellowship Program Answered

Eyebeam, renown for projects such as LED Throwies and The MintyBoost!, is seeking fellows for their 2007/2008 Fellowship program.

Fellowships will be offered in the R&D OpenLab, the Production Lab and the Education Lab. The focus of the Fellowships varies depending on the tools and skills available and the creative objectives and philosophy of each Lab. Up to five Fellowships will be granted for 2007/08.

For all of the Fellowships we are seeking applications from artists, hackers, designers, engineers and creative technologists to come to Eyebeam for a year to undertake new research and develop new work. The ideal Fellow has experience working with and making innovative technological art and/or creative technology projects and has a passion for collaborative development. Fellows will bring this experience and working approach to their own independent projects, projects initiated by other Residents or Fellows and projects conceived collaboratively during the Fellowship period.

More info here.


Alas. I'm not a fellow, just a resident. Eyebeam offers both the long-term yearly fellowships and six months residencies. But I must say that the fellowship program is definately the way to go. Six months go by very quickly. Here's the deal: Eyebeam is awesome; especially the R&D; OpenLab. I can't think of many other places where they pay you a salary to do more or less whatever you want (as long as it is in some regard revolutionary and open-source). And you're surrounded by tons of really imaginative and talented people. And that isn't even to mention that Eyebeam's reputation as a place of innovation stretches around the world. And most importantly, you can get both yummy cupcakes and authentic New York pizza as little as two blocks away. Oh. And they have a laser cutter, 3D printer, woodshop and tons of gallery space (at least relative to New York conceptions of space). Who they told me they're looking for: Artistic rock stars. If you're already posting really amazing stuff to Instructables, then that's a pretty good start. They like to see applicants who share their work (especially on Instructables). They also like to see a body of work that is socially, culturally, politically or theoretically aware. And I can also tell you that being honest about yourself and your work on the application, rather than telling them what you think they want to hear, will go a long way. P.S. if you're still in college and located in NYC, I'm looking for interns to join me at Eyebeam to partake in profit-share opportunities.

Yes! Eyebeam is awsome!Ive been able to participate in one of their youth programs (For high schoolers) and would love to be able to do more in the future!
(It also led to me probably being able to be part of a booth in the NYC Maker Faire, showing the mozilla program Popcorn)


10 years ago

Yes, I have the time to spare, and I'm interested. (: Do you have to be in NYC?

...to come to Eyebeam for a year ...

I guess they'll find accommodation for you. All you need to do is get there, and be of a legal age to employ. I'm guessing insurance issues will mean you have to be at least 16, possibly 18, to be allowed to work with/for them

Check the eyebeam page - the fellowship programme looks really good.

That's an outstanding opportunity for some of our younger members - I look forward to seeing some of their results on Instructables.

It should be noted that former Instructables intern randofo is currently a fellow at Eyebeam.

Go a work with Randy; he's awesome!

Aww shucks. I'm not that awesome.