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Eyeglasses online? Answered

So, has anyone here ever ordered glasses online from places like zenni optical? I'm asking because I really need new glasses, it's been 4 years since my last eye exam, but stepping into a place like Lenscrafters or pearl mean I'm going to be out $200-300 dollars I really don't have right now. So experiences +- would be appreciated. I can get my eyes checked for cheap at Sam's Club, but damn, I'd like glasses that only cost $8 bucks, I wouldn't have to care if I lost them in the surf or canoeing.


My nearsightedness is pretty straight-forward, but I have a pretty significant stigmatism. Have you heard of any probs relating to that? BYW- Thanks for pointing me to this thread. I may still go to Pearl, while I have good insurance, but after that it's "Hello China!!" (Plus I need fishing, and motorcycle glasses anyway, and my insurance will only pay for one pair.)

There's a blog called glassyeyes and people post reviews of the various cheap glasses suppliers, there does seem to be some correlation between the likelyhood of a complaint and the strength of the 'script, and "progressives" seem to get the most complaints.They do offer, at a cost higher index lenses, which are a better choice for stronger scripts. I'm nearsighted and have mild astigmatism. The only problem I had is I ordered one pair too small for my head, so they just live in my glovebox incase of emergency. I'd say, order the cheapest pair possible and see hoe they work out, if they don't, you're out $20 and you can donate them to charity.

That's a good idea. My wife and oldest boy are always in need of spares too. If we leave a pair in each vehicle, at least someone will always be able to drive. And $20 is no big loss if they don't work out. I know some doctors that go on medical mission trips, and they'd be glad to take anything I couldn't use.

Ok, so my glasses came on Friday, The prescription is dead on, adjusting the nose pieces is a little scary, having broken many before, knowing I can reorder replacement frames for half price is nice. Do I like them? Hell Yeah, in fact, I just ordered two more pair, inc a polarized sunshade model for fishing. Best part? I'm getting three pairs of glasses for a grand total of $85!!!! That is 1/4 what I spent on my last pair of glasses many years ago. If you need glasses, definitely consider ordering online.


Okay, for anyone else's sake I'm going to keep this thread updated, down with the optical monopoly!
I got my eyes checked at school for $39, the ophthalmologist was cool with me saying I was going to buy online, but he couldn't find the PD measuring machine after my exam and unfortunately the optician said" I'll take care of it". Well the optician was a complete explicative deleted!! He refused for 10 minutes to measure my PD while he tried to sell me transition lenses for only $199 base, without frame, without coatings. He kept saying "I see you're wearing Transitions" and I kept saying "and I hate them, worst money I ever spent", we did that dance for several minutes before he gave up and them suddenly they were having a "sale". Hmmmmmmm, and then he had the gall to say "well, I'll let you take your prescription", that made me MAD and I said sweetly "only if you want me to pay for it", i know the law. So I'm glad that's done.

On to buying glasses online, the hardest part is finding the frame you like, several sites let you upload a pic and virtually try on the frame, here's a tip, measure the width of your eye, this will help with scaling the frame properly for the virtual fit. But I found a frame at Zenni optical, which doesn't have that feature.
Buying the frame, you just need to enter the details from your script, be sure you get the +- right, very important, and also the distance between your pupils. Click buy and you are done.
Here are the frames I bought, $19.85 with AR coating and shipping, generally shipping takes 2-3 weeks, but people have reported up to 11 weeks due to customs hang ups.

Next post when they arrive. If they're okay I already have my next frame picked out.

I had been wondering if you'd ever ordered them, I'll give them a try, they have a pair on clearance right now that's within a couple of milimeters of what I'm wearing now. Today I'm going to see if eye care i covered under my student health fee.

You will need your prescription and measurements before you order. As for the actual glasses and such, I have never ordered online, but I have heard mixed reviews. It seems that if you have a straightforward prescription it tends to be fine. If you have some odd measurements or anything, then perhaps getting it from the eye doctor will be a better choice. That way if anything is wrong with them, you have someone there that knows what they are doing to correct it and get it right.