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Hey everybody Fish Bone is live! It’s updated to show its quick release feature. I hope you think it’s cool enough to tell your friends about. Of course I’d be thrilled to have you as a backer. Thanks a million. Brent

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CrimsonCrow (author)2013-01-08

As you know, I have been such a fan of yours. I don't have much income so unfortunately for both of us, (me because I can't buy all your cool stuff and for you because you can't sell your cool stuff to me!) NEVER-THE-LESS, I backed your project. I think your stuff and your creativity is fabulous!

Mrballeng (author)CrimsonCrow2013-01-08

Thank you so much for supporting me. Your backing sure stands out. Brent

Kiteman (author)2013-01-08

I've backed it!

Mrballeng (author)Kiteman2013-01-08

Alright! Thanks Kiteman.

zeppomarks (author)2013-01-08

I just gleefully donated. I have been a fan of yours for a long time, I am only sorry I couldn't have given more because you have given me so many great ideas! Thanks for everything and good luck!

Mrballeng (author)zeppomarks2013-01-08

Alright! Thanks! I have a feeling these next couple months are going to be a whirl wind. Appreciate the backing!