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FREE DOWNLOAD The Boy Electrician Answered


Scroll down to the electronics section on the above link, for a copy of The Boy Electrician, its a 40-Mb PDF download.

Its not a great scan, but is readable. My copy right adviser has said The Boy Electrician copyright expired and was never renewed, new new material included with a copy, can be protected. This copy seems to be okay.

As for my copy, I got the go ahead, and will be taking my time to do a really clean scan before I upload it to the Internet Archive, however, before that, I might upload the above mentioned copy as a stop-gap measure.


Hi Sgt PJ  thanks for the ebook "The Boy Electrician". Takes quite an effort to scan. Is good that you upload to the Internet Archive or a loss for the kids. I downloaded it. So far the scan is OK. Thanks again.

Leong Foo Wing

Sgt PJ did not upload it to the Archive, in fact its the one link that I found elsewhere.

And Sgt PJ wont be seeing this message, you will have to leave it on the site where you downloaded from.