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Facebook "Post to Profile" Answered

Hi Guys,
 I just wanted to touch base with you all about the Facebook "post to profile, that's now on the bottom of each and every  page.  I like the ability to post 'Ibles on my Facebook account... Social advertising for the author, social advertising for instructables.  Great idea!  However, It's making me nuts that it's above the comments in all the Instructables.  I often like reading peoples comments, and seeing my own facebook account there ever time, is not a lot of value added for me, and it feels sort of distracting.  I'm not the hippest person around I'll admit, and don't post every thought I have on facebook or twitter, so perhaps other users will disagree with me... But i figured I'd share my few pixels. 

I DO really like this feature at the top of the page, where you have a row of other icons... Favorite, Twitter, flag, print & email... 



Moved to "feedback", since this isn't really a bug.

I don't see the button you mention - did you log in with your FB account?

Thank's sorry I some times conceptual problems with forums... thank you for moving it.

Well, now that's interesting... short answer is no. But must have opened facebook open in another tab. I then did post an 'ible to my facebook page. But I JUST logged out of instructables, and logged back in just using my Instructables account, and it has now disappeared. (which I like better) . I do not currently have facebook in another tab. I'm browsing in Chrome.

Chrome = very good. Fastest browser I've ever tried (much better than Firefox). But use Chromium, the open source version - Google Chrome is basically just Chromium branded with the Google name, and I don't trust them not to be evil.

Yeah, it's ok. Firefox's updates were making me/my computer crazy, and where I teach I don't have access to it. I do surf Firefox a lot though, I like there web design tools. (Sometimes I play like I know wed design (shhh don't tell my clients or students i'm playing),...I have most browsers loaded).

The above definitely happens when I log in to my facebook account in another tab. (in firefox too). Instructables is figuring out that I'm logged in and pulling the information over. That will make me cranky, Like I can't have an instructables and a facebook tab open if i want to browse with out seeing it. please say it ain't so!!

Sigh, ok deep breath, I will learn to live with it, but Instructables I love you, and I don't love facebook every minute.