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Facebook Spotify music streaming partnership? Answered

Guess this seems to be all over the news, that they're planning to bring out some new Facebook Spotify music streaming service in a couple of weeks or so.

Sounds to me like a quite good idea the Facebook Spotify partnership, I heard Spotify is a good music streaming service with loads of music.

If you guys already use Spotify music streaming, is it as good as I've heard and is it gonna get even better with facebook partnership?


Yes Spotify is making a splash and gaining member rapidly. I still like however using of the free mp3 search engines around. This is so fast and you can download your music and listen to it offline. With Spotify you need to be connected all the time.

Yeah right, like I'm gonna use any facebook music streaming service to stream Spotify through facebook.

Why even bother to do that when I can just use Spotify just the way it is right now to stream and listen to music. I for one just do not see the use of this whole deal, but maybe I'm not that open minded.

Anyhow, pass on the Facebook Spotify music streaming deal and keep using spotify just the way it is to stream music and to record mp3 tracks from Spotify with some Spotify Recorder I found round the web.

Interesting, so you can actually save mp3 tracks from Spotify with that Spotify Recorder you say u have?

Waddyaknow, it didn't really cross my mind to see if there's something like a Spotify Recorder or Downloader or anything like this, suppose it's a good idea to also save Spotify streaming music to mp3 from time to time.

Say since u already have this sorta program, could you tell me which Spotify Recorder u have?

Would sure save me the trouble to search through google for spotify recorders and try a ton of programs.

Indeed needs a lot of trying to do to find a good spotify recorder for the job, I found the spotify recorder I'm using right now by accident looking for some other kinda software.

It's actually useful to have a spotify stream recorder or any kind of stream recorder piece of software, you never know when you find some good music song and you wanna save it to enjoy it later. If you ask me it's like in the ole days when we used to record radio with the cassette player.

As for the Spotify recorder I am using it's some Audials piece of software. It does a ton of stuff, among which is the spotify recording feature. Works quite good to record and save Spotify music to mp3 tracks in great quality.

Dunno about the rest of  the spotify recorders round the web, but think this one can simply record spotify tracks just as it is and it'll even work to record spotify mp3 through facebook, so no worries that it's not gonna work after they launch that spotify facebook music streaming service you were talking about.

Why am I always the last one to find out about this stuff?:(

Guess it's a cool idea to get this Facebook Spotify music streaming service after they seal the deal and make it happen, if it's anything good of course.

Never used that Spotify music streaming thingy but suppose should be worth a shot if it's anything good, after all me and my friends are online on facebook all the time. Might be pretty cool to also stream and listen to some cool music together.

Guess that's what I had in mind as well, sounded pretty cool to get to share Spotify music and listen to Spotify mp3 music with my friends on Facebook or something like this, if of course this is how it's gonna work.

Used to use Spotify myself some time ago, but shifted to getting my music fix from somewhere else because they put all kinds of restrictions on the free account.

But over all, if you do get a premium account, it's pretty good since they have millions of mp3 tracks you can search through and listen to.

About the Facebook Spotify music streaming deal nope didn't hear, I doubt it'll change that much round Spotify but they'll gain a ton of users from Facebook users.

Hmm, really?:(

I was actually pretty excited that I could get the Facebook music streaming service and use it to stream Spotify music from Facebook when online or from whatever sources they wanna stream music from.

Interesting news, I think I also read something about this facebook spotify music streaming deal somewhere round the internet.

Suppose this facebook music streaming deal does come true, Spotify is gonna make the most out of it since facebook has millions of users Spotify is also going to gain tons of users.

Anyways I heard that these are only rumors so you never do know if indeed they are going to roll out facebook spotify music streaming anytime soon.

Well I actually remember when I read the news that they are going to make a facebook music streaming service that they were planning to launch it in a couple of weeks or so, or at least in some countries.

US not included of course.

Hmm, really? Anyways nope, didn't hear about this presumed facebook spotify music streaming partnership till I saw it mentioned by you.

Who knows, might be a good move for them, but don't you think it's funny how facebook is starting to move in all around the web?

Wonder what this will do to our privacy.

Yeah, well what's the whole Facebook Spotify music streaming service got to do with privacy anyhow?

In case u didn't know, u lost it from starters when you sign up on all sorts of websites and social networks or anything like this.

Don't think some small think like streaming Spotify mp3 music through Facebook has got anything to do with your privacy.