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Facebook for Nerds Answered

This may be just me, but does anyone else feel as if Instructables is a social network of nerds?



7 years ago

Creative nerds!


I do think we are that and more however.
I.E. more than 'just' a social network, the purpose being "more" for the sharing of projects than just chatting about them or each other. :-)

Not exactly. Ibles lacks some of the site features that I think it would need to qualify as one. There's certainly a community here with some prominent and popular users (the celebrities, if you will), and there are many more dedicated posters and plenty of lurkers too. This site is more of a project network with the potential to be a nerd social net.

Otherwise I'm talking out my rear, deliriously waiting for an infusion of tools.

I agree with caitlinsdad - geeks love to hack stuff, so it's no wonder a site like this attracts that demographic.

Are you calling me a demographic?! Well you are a fezztizzio. See? I can make up words too, Sister.

>blinks< Here, Keith, I'm going to buy you a wonderful thing, it's called a dictionary...take two, they're small...

I know what a demographic is! Its.....a kind of hot sauce?

(Psst. Lira. I knew what it meant. Why must you ruin 2 perfectly good jokes?)

(Psssst. Keith-Kid. I knew you knew. Have you never heard of someone playing the straight man?)

(Psst. Lira. I'm used to you being a buzzkill. Forgive me if I fall back on experience....)

*Rolls Eyes* So much experience...

Don't you wish we knew half as much as we thought we did as teens?  LOL 

Well, I don;t know about you, but technically I am still a teen.
Oh,  my mistake...sorry.....Me?  I am 51 and still pluggin along ;-)
Way to go. Although, 19 really is the cusp of teenagehood isn't it.
Yes, hopefully you have or will soon grow out of the "I know everything" attitude (so that those of us that DO know nearly everything have no further need to embarrass you all anymore)

LOL  J/K   ;-)

But good sir, Perchance I do know everything?*

*In a certain genera, for certain questions...
Perhaps you do, but then, that means whatever it is that you know know everything about, must be antiquated and outdated...as it is no longer "growing and developing :-) 
All joking aside though:

I have learned one very important thing in my life, and that is, at the moment I think I know everything there is to know about any thing at all.....something will come along to surprise me and prove me wrong ;-) 
Ouch,  two of my American Heritage Dictionaries would give ME a hernia  LOL 

I thought about that, but I went with demographic....

Yes,  see - we graphically demonstrate things here.....a demographic ;-)
A trial version picture?

You might say the Prototyper's Palace   :-) 


9 years ago

maybe community is a better word than social network. It's a forum (and a little more), forums are communities, not socially networked people. :)

I find it strange that you look at this like 'a forum and a little more,' when I'm pretty sure that the site "Instructalbles.com" was mainly ment for... Instructables?

I was making the assumption of only referring to the forums.
Yes the main focus is on Instructables. I view the forums as somewhere where all the makers can sit back and take part in general chit-chat, in a way gluing Instructables together at the back. It's cool

Definitely a community. 

Nope. Take me for instance. I am not what you would define as a nerd. Closest thing that has ever existed in the history of mankind to what I am would be a Renaissance man, on par with Leonardo HIMSELF. But I'm just not into drawing dissections of women's uterus.

OK maybe not on par with Leo, but more like MacGyver, a jack of all trades type person with some SKILLZ

XD I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, man, but you are definitely a nerd.

I am hurt, you obviously don't know me...

JK, But you are right, you would have to encounter me in my native habitat to see/believe my claims of ass-kickin goodness

Turbonerd is a more fitting title. As for me, I'm just a dork who happens to make witty remarks.

We don't discriminate, but we are geeks.

Thats the difference. We label ourselves as geeks, because thats what we are. Not what someone has told us we are. I love the amusement when some tells me im a geek, as an insult, and my reply is 'and proud of it'.

You and about... oh... maybe 89% of the rest of us.

Yeah, I prefer Geek over Nerd also (personal preference).

Although, in my young life (nigh on 35+ years ago) I was quite the nerd, too.

. You can call me anything but late for supper. heehee

i feel that way to and i love it its sort of as if the actual project instructions are extra! and i lioke it that way so dont change it!