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Failed Three-Layered Gun Answered

People don't often post 3-layered guns, so I thought I would try one, and (as you can see by the title) it did not turn out so well. It got maybe 40 ft. of range, but that was an accented, as the gun never shot again. It was a good attempt, and is not too ugly, but, it is still a failed project.

I just thought I would share it with you guys. Keep an eye out for more projects from me!

-E Pluribus Unum


ah I see what went wrong hehe


4 years ago

All 3 layer guns, in my opinion, are failed projects.

Why? They use quite a few less pieces, and if they work ,what's the problem?

Personally, I don't like them. That may be true, but I feel they don't perform as well as one with say 5 layers.

So would you like this gun if i just used blue rods instead of white ones and added another 2 layers? Your logic makes no sense.

No, I think the gun is a little generic. Even if 2 layers were to be added, I still wouldn't like it. I made that comment because I find you cant really fit as mechanics into a 3 layer gun as a 5 layer one.

I'm kinda unsure how to view this...

Now that I've taken a few seconds to absorb to appearance I think it just needs a barrel.

Yes it does have a barrel but I think a smaller fake barrel would make this gun look much better. Maybe even rifle like.