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Failing to enter Contest Answered


I wanted to enter my instructable Story Telling Beads for Teaching (https://www.instructables.com/id/Scented-Story-Telling-Memory-Beads/)

Into the Teachers contest and am having trouble. I keep clicking 'enter' but the page won't update even though i clicked it 4 hours ago.

The instructable managed to enter the Fiber Arts Contest but it is not going into the Teacher's Contest.

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seamster (author)2017-11-07

Hi there!

Contest entries are individually reviewed by staff members, so there is often a small amount of time that may pass between when you submit a project to a contest, and when it is reviewed and admitted by a staff member. (They are online during US daytime hours, so if you submit an entry during the nighttime it will not be seen until the following day.)

Your project has now been reviewed, and has been admitted to that contest. Good luck!!

Sam (seamster)

Instructables Community Manager

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