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Fake Account Rating attack?! Answered

So just came home from work and checked if I had any new comments...then I saw very low ratings on two of my Instructables...

Ratio was about 3.6 when I last checked, now it is 1.62

Ratio was 3.7 this afternoon, now it is 1.52

This does not really make me happy =\

Maybe some admin can look into this?



9 years ago

so do you guys think this is knex haters?

Did you look at the date of the original post (Nov 17, 2008)? Did you look to see if the ratings of the two I'bles above were still really low? It turns out that there was a bug in the rating code at that time. Everything got messed up for a day or so before they fixed it.

that is good to know, i thought it could be knex haters.

Ah that makes sense though, as the ratings went back to normal after a while =o

Yeah, My new rifle was at 3.95 on the first day, then it got rated down. Now, when it approaches 3.5, the rating gets attacked. I suspect this happened on my first two guns, and my pistol. My crossbow's rating has been untouched, and my new bow has only been posted today, only time will tell............. I think the solution would be to have a list of the people who rated the knex guns, and what they rated it, because as of now, we dont know who rated it what unless they comment on it........and the attacker obviously does not want to be known. As of now, we dont even have suspects, not even evidence, all we have is low ratings

Well the rating is up to normal again, so at least something happened =o


9 years ago

Well after some searching around I found out that every Knex instructable that is popular enough gets its rating hammered into the ground. I just wish something could be done about this.

yep Iam Canadians Handheld and normal crossbow got rated down to about the same too