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Fake Human Skin Answered

Hi, Can anyone tell me how to affordably make realistic looking human skin from leather? I'm looking to bind a book with it and, if the method works out, adapt it later into making the outer layer for a peeled man "greys anatomy" book cover type body suit for halloween.


Have you looked into real vellum? It's make from leather that has been beaten and stretched. (That's why they call a diploma a sheep skin BTW.) It might have the texture you're looking for.


10 years ago

Thanks, I've found some 0.7 pig skin leather that should be ok with a bit of tweeking. Not sure why you guys are getting creeped, it's for a film project, not a way of life. lol.

Um, leather is skin, just not (usually) from a human... What part are you having a problem with-the texture, color or shape? A natural, thin leather (sometimes called glove leather) looks close to human skin. What you may be missing is the red undertone that leather doesn't have. You could try a light stain from the flesh side to give a pink undertone.

Thanks for that jtobako, my problem is the tone and colouration. I'll try staining some glove leather and see how that goes.

You could try make-up : )

A bit creepy but starting with cream couch leather of a high grade would be a good bet, or pig skin leather, it's very close to people skin...

There was this guy that killed people and used their skin for lampshades.... No ideas. I think jtobako is right