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Fake instructables Answered

So I have come across this one user.

He is posting fake instructables.

I mean, these Instructables obviously are fake and are not helpful in any way. They are funny, but I do not feel they belong in this community.

For example, one video is just of him and one of his friends eating baked goods and then pretending to poop out a "pizza". He passes this off as "making a pizza". Watch "how to make a pizza" to get what I mean. 

I have attached  an uploaded image of him "cooking a pizza" to show you what I mean

What is instructables policy on these videos? Are they considered spam, inappropriate?

or will we just allow them to exist on this site?

I have flagged both of his videos as inappropriate. If you agree with me, I suggest that you do so to.


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Kiteman (author)2012-04-05

I would flag those as "inappropriate", rather than "spam" (after all, they're not selling anything, either).

Flagging is not an instant process, so if you see a post, project or comment that you think needs removing quickly, you need to email service@instructables.com.

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sugarisyummy (author)2012-04-04

Yeah, his videos are fake.

I am flagging him as spam

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