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Fallout 3 Answered

Hey man Fallout 3 is awesome. Anyone who has something to say about Fallout or you find a good Fallout Instructable contact me.


For the back grey falt surcace cardboard resin and add any details u want. To make the gear door to attach to it use pepakura designer and to put the numbers on it yellow electrical tape or paint. The control parts do some research on it then use and old metal crate and some welding or cardboard box then fix it up good and attach your stuff and leds or use pepakura again.

I wanted make gear door. Just an props. I would have put up in my bedroom wall big circle with number on it... Of course scale down otherwise it wont fit in. But problem is... I don't know how to build one? can anyone teach me to? If you guys are not sure what I'm talk about door. Here picture. Oh yeah and this panel control thing would be awesome too


Added a laser pistol ible to group.

make a power armor helmet, i am almost done with my FO NV Ranger Vet helmet