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Farewell my robot army Answered

Dear Everyone (and you know who you are),

The time we've spent together has been unforgettable and I think you're really swell, but I'm afraid it's time for me to move on now.  You've always been there for me, supporting my every effort, from cheeseburger salads and microwave cakes to turning Care Bears into a coat.  I love you for that.

While in your tender, sometimes tempestuous, embrace, I've grown and blossomed from a green intern to the editor of your food and living channels, and you've rewarded me with your support, comments, and continuous inspiration.  But now it is time for me to spread my wings and move on to new territories. 

I will always appreciate everything you've done for me.  I will still be here, lurking in the forums, popping up in your recent feed, featuring your awesome projects, and occasionally feeding you a new recipe of epically unhealthy proportions or gratuitously kitten-themed craft project. 

So this is cheerio, but not goodbye. I hold all of you in my heart, and I am not going far.  You will find me just across the internet at Betabrand.com, turning a new group of people's ridiculous concepts into ridiculously popular products and trends, just as we always have here. So be prepared for a stream of disco-fabric and other related Instructables as I transition into my new role managing the Thinktank division and test out new product ideas.  I promise not to stop making cupcakes, or putting bacon where it doesn't belong. 

Be well, do good, and keep making awesome projects.

All the best,




5 years ago

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How was I SO negligent as to miss this.....Stop by now and then to let us all know how you're doing and what new ingenious project you may be working on....

PS: hope to see you at an upcoming Maker Faire :-) I missed you last time.

I´ve already miss your awesome weekly challenges.!!Thank U so much !!

The site feels decidedly less homey without you! Best wishes on your new venture.

Oh, wow. I haven't been on this site all that much lately, but you're one of the 'iblers that I always remembered. It was great seeing you at the 2011 Maker Faire. I hope you do great in your new ambitious project! It looks like such an awesome site. :D

See you around, Sarah!


5 years ago

Congrats! I'm sure you will bring as much joy there as you have here!

Your Leaving us remember to pop by every day plllease dont leave us

I love ur little email ive never seen one of these before


5 years ago

I always looked forward to your emails. Congrats and best of luck in your new position.

Awesome for you. Love the work you produce. I'll look you up on FB. Congrats!!!


Good luck on your new adventure!

You have been such a great publisher. I love everything you make, and I wish I would take some time and make some of those. I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed your time here, and I hope for the best for you. Again, thank you for everything, and best of luck on your adventure!

P.S: I'm gonna miss you, and so will every one of your followers!


Bon voyage, and good luck with the new venture! I'll miss your food projects most of all, but you certainly did go out with a porkalicious bang.

Bacon belongs on everything!!! Lets go on an adventure!

Best of luck on your new adventure. Congratulations!


5 years ago

Nothing quite as exciting as something new, don't be a stranger! Best of luck!

Congratulations Sarah!
You will be missed but your new venture sounds exciting. Enjoy!!

Dear Sarah,

I wish you the very best of luck on your new adventure. It looks like a challenge that suits you very well.

Even as I’m glad that we will still hear from you, you will be missed in quantity and quality ;-)

Me too, I hope to have the chance still to finally meet you in person when I’m in San Francisco during my AIR in July.

Best Regards

WHA?? You'll be here in July?? Are you bringing the whole fam? I'll be sure to come by and meet you!


My oldest daughter Tika will be joining me from July 17th onwards. My wife and youngest daughter stay home. My wife is very understanding and totally backs me up for my AIR, but she hates flying...

Best wishes! When are the disco bathing suits coming out?


Or were you thinking something more for yourself? :D

Wow! I pictured rocking disco trunks at the beach and sure enough you have them!

Wow! Congrats!! You'll be missed, but the new job sounds very interesting!

Best of luck.  Betabrand does make some good contest schwag.

I'm really touched. Thank you for such a sweet send off :)

OMG... LOL PRICELESS as only you could pull off, caitlinsdad!!!


5 years ago

I'm tearing up a little. You are so awesome. Best wishes, etc.

Also, I admit that when I clicked on this link in my messages, I thought it was an instructable about making a robot army.  I was picturing knitting something in a world-domination pattern, or perhaps baking particularly aggressive cookies.

Sad, but also glad! I am all at sixes and sevens. Good luck, and thank you for helping make this such a cool community!


5 years ago

I told my wife about your new adventure this morning and she said "...but she IS Instructables." (No offense to the other people that are Instructables!)

Ha! Goodness, high praise, and one I so appreciate. Thank you. I hope I get to still hear about all of your adventures too!

Thank you for all the brilliant ideas, expressed in such a clear and entertaining way!

Good luck in your new job!

Good-Bye! I've enjoyed everything you've posted!

See you soon! And... Buen viaje y feliz aventura!

If I had a wish for you as you leave it would be this:

Please see to it that there is more superhero appropriate apparel in the world.

I have no need of reversible jackets, or even the disco-fantastic. Think: kevlar and iconography. Bold colors, secret pockets, lasers.

Utility belt.

You are among the few, rare people in the world who, simultaneously, can make this happen and will read something I write asking them to.

That sounds more like a wish for you. . .

and dammit, you caught me. I totally read this.


5 years ago

Thanks for the welcome, the wisdom and the wacky! Congratulations on your new adventure. I'm sure you'll share the fun and the fabulous there as you did here!

May the sun shine all day long, everything go right and nothing wrong.
May those you love bring love back to you, and may all the wishes you wish come true!


5 years ago

I thought something was up and feared it might involve changes at instructables, but what a wonderful opportunity for you!

Your creativity and vision will take you on some great adventures. Enjoy the ride (...and you will certainly be missed!)! All the best ;-)

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing all of your clever projects continue to roll in!


5 years ago

Goodluck with your new adventure! Thanks for all the awesome 'ibbles! I will look for your creative input at betabrand!

Thanks! You may see the Eric featured in one of the disco products already . .. .

I remember seeing that you commented on one of my first Instructables, and I was so excited that you saw what I'd made. I'll miss you, but you'll still be near.