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Favorite Breed of Dog Answered

What's your favorite breed of dog? My favorite dog would probably be a Siberian Husky. Though I love all kinds of dogs, especially big dogs like German Shepherds and Alaskan Malamutes. I also like some smaller dogs like Australian Cattle Dogs and Beagles.


I do love big and small dogs, I grew up with my granpa's St. Bernard, he's truly a very gentle buddy. Now at home, we have dachshund and JRT, they are both very energetic and naughty, I miss them..

My favorite breed is the Cavalier King Charles spaniel! i want a black and tan one but i cant afford it right now.

I love my Maltese. He is the most loving dog.

Haha, I got the urge to come and see this forum post to talk about how much I love Akitas and sure enough the first picture is this one showing an Akita in a play stance, lol ;) I LOVE AKITAS! They are the most loyal, loving and intelligent breed of them all. Such beautiful loving spirits in every way.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks or Basset hounds :]
I love all dogs, and I have grown up with them!
As I'm writing this my dog (Rhodesian Ridgeback) is begging for my chocolate brownie =_=
I also love Shiba Inus :3 x

Cool, Basset Hounds are great dogs =D Have you ever seen the old detective show Columbo? In the show he has a Basset Hound named "Dog".

Ohh no I haven't? Sounds good :D
I love the film K.9 ;D

Yeah it is, the detectives hilarious =D He always acts real stupid and clumsy but he's always tricking people into saying something that gives them away.

I think I saw that film but I can't remember exactly, what's it about?

Yeah, Not that they can't have good personalities, but for some reason I just don't like hairless dogs.

Pretty much all terriers.  There aren't too many that I don't like.  They tend to be very playful, intelligent, cheerful, coordinated, fierce, loyal, long-lived, etc.  They're also a bit more compact and are great for scaring off various vermin.  They fit my lifestyle and personality to a tee.  If I had to pick ONE terrier, it might be the Rat Terrier.

For as painful as it is, I don't think I could own a pit bull or a dog that looked like a pit bull.  There are no reputable kennels around here that would be able to care for one if I had to be away.  I can't really blame them because pits are being bred more and more to be dog-aggressive due to dog fighting, and kennels have to be mindful of all the other dogs they're caring for.  It's just a terrible risk that a kennel would have to make.  I think they make for a great family pet, and it's absolutely disgusting how many there are in shelters.

The hound group is probably my least favorite because they are controlled by sight or scent.  I like other people's hound dogs, but I don't think I could have one of my own.  I actually love how they bay, but again I love how other people's hound dogs bay.

Personality and size are major factors in what I can own.  Of course, I badly want a Great Dane even though I'm sure one would break my heart due to an early death.

.  Nearly ALL dogs are dog-aggressive, especially those that have been bred and trained for livestock/human protection and hunting (including Terriers). It's a territorial thing; most dogs don't want ANY strangers in their territory. Isn't that one of the main reasons ppl get dogs - organic alarm systems?
.  In my experience with dogs, Pit Bulls are no worse than any other breed about dog aggression - it's a few owners who train them to be overly aggressive - it's just that they, like any other large dog, are big enough to do some damage if they want to (most often it's just a dominance display and no one gets hurt). I've only seen a very few bad dogs (of any breed), but I've seen a LOT of bad owners.
.  I've seen Chihuahuas that were as dog-aggressive as any large dog; they just couldn't do much with it. :)

Dog-aggressive is a term used for aggression off territory, away from owners, apart from resources, etc.  If a dog is a aggressive towards another dog because of food, then it's food-aggression.  If a dog is aggressive towards another dog for a toy, then it's resource guarding or resource aggression.  And so on.

ANY dog can be dog-aggressive, but in my experience (and the experience of many others), from working in a kennel with hundreds of dogs, the pit breed has more dog-aggressive dogs than compared to any other breed.  Aggression is being bred into the general stock of pit bulls, and these pits are being adopted/bought by the public as puppies without the intention of fighting them.  The kennel I worked at was very well-respected for its techniques and methods, and the owners as a whole were intelligent, well-informed, and concerned about their dogs' health, adjustment, and safety.  Even pit rescues know that there are an unusual number of pits that are dog-aggressive without regard to territory.  It's a pretty well accepted fact.  And in the kennel I worked at, the dogs were prevented from getting comfy enough in a space to start considering it their territory.  The aggression isn't confined to territory. 

Consider the Russian fox experiment and the results.  Temperament can be bred into a population.  If you get a large amount of puppies hitting the market because their parents were good fighters, it's going to have an effect.  If this continues on and on, it's going to get more and more refined and ingrained, and it doesn't take all that long to happen.

Someone can train a dog to be dog-aggressive for sure.  It doesn't take a whole lot of know-how to do it.  Someone can socialize a dog from puppyhood every single day with good dog experiences, and that dog can still turn out to be dog-aggressive, which might make the owner feel like a failure.  It's not automatically the owner's fault because there is such a thing as personality.

Another quality that is slowly getting bred into the pit bull breed is a VERY high tolerance for pain.  A pit bull attack is very scary because that dog will stay latched on no matter what.  You literally can't beat the dog away which makes for a good fighting dog.  However, strangely enough, this same quality is another reason why they make good family pets because tiny, pinchy fingers have a tendency of finding sensitive areas like noses and ears, and there are many dog breeds that would react rather badly if a small child pinched one of those same areas.

Chihuahuas are definitely high on the general aggression list.  They tend to be coddled a lot, undersocialized, and also attached to a single person.  Some dog breeds are generally better about attachment and see the whole family as a group to "protect" or just even to respond to, but chihuahuas tend to attach to a single person which can cause some serious problems.  Throw on top the Paris Hilton types who treat the poor dog as an accessory rather than as a dog, and you got some major problems.

Still, I like chihuahuas and pit bulls.  Not every chihuahua is going to attach to a single person, and not every pit bull is going to be dog-aggressive with a high tolerance for pain.  Pit bulls can get very comfy with other pets and recognize them as part of the family which is one of their strengths as a breed, but again, not every pit bull can be trusted with other pets.

I meant to add this to the sheep dog trials. My friend told me he had purchased a Red Setter....turned out to be a strawberry Jelly....
don't shoot the messenger

Oh ok LOL

I would never shoot the me...... weeeeell...... XD

You will note that I have an insane sense of humour and with that in mind

Did you hear about the Irish Sheep Dog Trials.?

They found 6 guilty.

LOL XD I'll have to quote you on that one =D

I tend to agreeGoodhart, but I have a soft spot for cavaliers like ythe ruby in your picture.
We had a ruby when we lived in the U.K. and he was lovely but as a breeder told us they are typical redheads and full of beans.

Here is a pic of our Black & Tan cavvy at about 16 months

Monty relaxing.jpg

I literally couldn't choose just ONE:

I like Welsh Corgis,
  Spaniels (golden especially),
  and the very very intelligent Shetland Sheep dog.
To be honest, I don't "dislike" any breed at all though.


Yeah, I like those Shetland Sheep dog's too.

Here is our little guy, black & tan Cavalier King Charles, 18 months old, they have a wonderful temperament

Monty relaxing enlarged.jpg

Nice, I may be wrong, but I think my dad's brother has one of those.

We have had different breeds over the years, Rottweiller, German Shepherd, Kelpie. In recent years we have had Cavalier King Charles and they have a most wonderful temperament.

Cool, I've always liked German Shepherds =)

We moved into a house with a German Shepherd next door, he used to poop on our lawn, his dog wasn't much better either ha ha Interesting point...in the U.K. Shepherd's were called Alsations, I often wondered if it had anything to do with the war...

When we had a Rottweiller a guy asked if he liked children...I said "Yes, but I don't think he could eat a whole one"

Yeah, in World War 2 the nickname for some of the Germans was a "Jerry", so we thought it would be kind of funny to name a German Shepherd Jerry lol

rofl! Nice one =D

I've never heard of that one Lonewolf,thats funny.ha ha Unrelated but an English comedian was telling the host how they banned him from a show because he said that these Focker's were attacking...the host said what was wrong with that to which the comedian replied these Fockers were messerschmitts.

I like bull terriers, but I have only seen them in pics. I also like greyhounds, but have only seen them in pics. My fave would have to be om.... maybe pugs?

Cool, we used to own a grayhound named Talula... unfortuanetly we had to give her away because we thought we were moving.

Yeah, it was hardest on my mom... though she doesn't think about her as much now that we have another dog.

That is good, what type of dog?

We got a Golden Retriever named Brinkley.

I love the name Brinkley! It is so cute!

.  I prefer what you call "smaller" dogs (I have an AU Cattle Dog napping next to me as I type) - something in the 25-40 pound range.
.  That's the ACD in the foreground and a Pit-Mix behind her.

Picture 001.jpg

Very cool, I do like AU Cattle Dog's a lot.

Nice pic!!!

mutts FTW...

big fan of the bigger dogs though, st bernards, akitas, rotties, newfies, etc.. usually the giant droolie guys are the best.

Oh ok, that makes sense. Guess you gotta make sure people don't interpret it that way!!! :)