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Favorite Medium for sketching? Answered

I've been a pretty-much strictly pen-and-paper sketch artist for most of my life but I've been looking into new canvas materials to doodle/create pieces on. Cardboard is a favorite right now. What do you dabble with?


Pencil (graphite), and occasionally charcoal.

I used to use charcoal, you can get much more out of it than pencil (depending upon what you're after of course).


oh charcoal yields lovely results (if you know how to use it, haha). it's a bit messy for my taste but i love seeing people work with it.

I don't know where my stuff is these days (if I even still have it...) My grandmother used to sketch with biro, wrong medium for her I think, but you could drop into a style (wouldn't like the idea of smudging it though)


I like to use just a simple pencil. I used to use a mechanical pencil, but I recently changed led in it and the led is a little harder to see.

oh it's always nice to get back to yellow number twos. talk about nostalgia.