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Favorite stats on your instructables tab Answered

When you search for an instructable, you can see it's views and number of favorites. I personally tend to compete with myself on an instructable's stats and like seeing a new instructable beat out an old one. Right now, my Molotov Lantern is close to overtaking my Summer Cocktails in views.  It would be nice to see the # of favorites with the # of views and # of comments on your instructables tab.


I want to revive this request while also suggesting a stat that takes the number of favorites and number of views and tabulates a "quality" or "popularity" percentage. I haven't quite decided exactly what it says about an ible when it has a high percentage of favorites to views, but it would be pretty interesting to see. Of course, I could do the math myself, but it would change with every view.

There already is a "popularity" metric, based (I think) on rates of views and comments.

Yes, but those stats are not visible and they aren't the same. The current favored stat is based on number of views within a time frame. Looking at the percentage of favorites to views shows how many people that viewed the ible intend to come back. An ible like this


has tons of views but very few favorites by comparison. They basically tricked people into clicking on the ible. It was genious and funny, but not too likely to actually be made by anyone with .5% favorites to views.

An ible like this


has far fewer views, but 8% of those that viewed it favorited it and therefore represents an ible that people find useful.

I suspect that all the views:favorites ratio really tells you is what proportion of views come from site traffic (i.e. featuring, newsletter) as opposed to search and the like. The most viewed instructables on the site have terrible ratios, and that's only partly due to the fact that many of their views predate the favorites button - they just get most of those views from non-members. Having said that, I do think they should eliminate the impenetrable "popularity" sort category and replace it with something easier to understand - favorites would be fine, but a popularity sort by "views in last week" I think would also be interesting.

OK, I get that.

(If any code-monkeys are reading this, it would be fun to have a chart with projects plotted on two axes, views and favourites.)

Good suggestion. We're always tweaking how the user interface appears and try to make a greta experience for everyone. Stay tuned, you might see this in an update!

Hi Mike along with that a long pending feature of seeing who favorited an ible when clicking on the favorite count would be awesome .