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Favourite Primary and Side-arm (K'nex) Answered

If you could only make 1 primary and 1 side arm to take on your stupid little brother in a K'nex war, what would they be? Personally, I would take Dsman's DD-27, and Dsman's side-arm.


Well now my TDS is obsolete. Now I'm using my oddassault pistol but I'm not sure what to do about a primary. You know I think I might stick with some sort of rubber band gun with Knex pieces. Basically like a mini semi auto sling shot after all...

you know, I just recently made a gun that would work very well along side the oddassault pistol if i can give it more range. it is really more or less not my design. i simply took ironmans mag(the one that used the bendy rod) and built a gun around it. now, the mag is non-removable, but that's the best part, i left the top part open like on the mag so you can load the gun anytime you have, you just stick another ammo piece in the slot. it would work great in a war because when ever you see a piece of ammo you can just load it into the gun right there. it's almost like having a bottomless mag because you never seem to run out of ammo. and you don't have to worry about the bands breaking ether. i gave it IAC's trigger(simply because it was the best trigger that would fit in the tiny space). the only problem is the ammo, i have been using iromans ammo for it and it just flips around in the air. i need to figure out a better ammo for it before it really is any good.

That sounds perfect for a breech-loading bolt action. I may try one using the idea, but probably not true bolt action. The idea is for an internal mag which can be loaded via the breech, i.e. you just push rounds in on top of each other then close the breech.

ya, thats exactly what the gun does, the only difference is you don't have to close the breach, a hole is left there for very easy loading.

Sounds good; any ideas when it might be posted?

not really, i have some more plans for it(IE. changing the ammo if possible) and am not really happy with it right now(really, if you saw it almost none of it is really my design, i just took the mag, and shoved on I_A_C's pistol trigger. it looks like a bbkwg and I_A_C's assault pistol combo. if i could change the ammo to something better, i could get a better range out of it. it as easy as it sounds though because really takes some thought to make the mag just right, since if i do make the ammo smaller, i will have less of a area for the ammo to stay straight(the breach take up half of the top of the mag, the other half creates the barrel and if it is to short, the ammo won't sit straight, but start with it angled with half of it up the breach). but if i do make the ammo smaller, i could also make the breach smaller, but this could be to small for knex to allow(i can't have the barrel part be so small that i can't create it with knex pieces without cutting them.) right now, it is nowhere near post worthy, but i hope to have these problems solved soon, and finally post something(i wonder how long it has been since my last posted project...)

So far it seems when it comes to distance there are only two types of ammo that go anywhere- Red which would be better off with fins in the long run and oodammo but it's rather hard to use. So in other words it's like an upside-down hopper that's less prone to jams? Sounds good. I nearly forgot. I was going to use Zak's latest BA for my primary. Maybe if I could mod it or make my own to make it just a little better.

i find that a grey rod with a read connector on my newest version of the DD-27 works just fine for range. actually, the mag is right side up, and the breach has a hole in it, so you just load all the ammo through the hold in the breach, making it easier to load and still have a mag(the disadvantage of a mag on a battle field is that it takes you 2 minutes just to load one piece of ammo into the mag, with this you could load the whole mag in around 20 seconds.

mepain sniper and tds2 even tho i have not built it yet

I can guarantee there are few side arms that can compete with the TDS2.

You ever considered going into marketing? :)

All I have to do is start yelling and make some clever rymes. But yes I've thought about it lol. I was a little over-confident back then though.

SR Commando and Jackal v2.

I would have either my Extrem 40 or The storm 223 for the primary, and my pistol (i will post) as a sidearm

storm 223 for its functionality and the tds

Yeah the DD-27 but then I'd choose my TDS. As a back up if I'm allowed I'd use either my mini-er TDS or what was it called? The OKP? I might consider using a rbg possibly the Stg-44 for the mere fact that semi auto with decent range would overall be better in a knex battle.

Most people like the TDS more. I guess I just had good luck with dsman's sidearm cause it works mint.

Sure. Well I'm hoping to work with dsman on combining our side arms. I'm hoping we can work together on adding the best features of each of our guns together to make a comfortable and small, yet powerful and reliable SA.


9 years ago

probably DD-27 or TDS

you mean dd-27 AND* TDS? TDS is a side-arm.

oh sorry maybe mepains sniper and DD-27

Ahaha. No the DD-27 is a primary. So i'm guessing mepains sniper and the TDS?

actually in soldier of fortune they allow you a sniper as a secondary.

Yeah but that's just 1 random game out of hundreds of others.

I would take Trauts g36c and The dessert buzzard knex gun.

my storm 223 and loosewires sidearm with a few mods i've made

i would use banana inventor's ten-shot gun (the one that is his avatar) and popomaster's glock

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9 years ago

My JS-117v3.1 and my DD-27 pistol.

my m2 carbine and killerk's pitol

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9 years ago

hmm unless i dont have a little brother let me take a L96 and a Deagle or a 92FS