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Fear of sleeping near metal Answered

I'm very afraid of sleeping near metal of any kind, shape or form, and I need to get rid of this phobia fast. Anyone got any ideas?


...WTF? Metal? You mean the material?

you make all these knives and metal weapons. maybe thats why

Have you ever had a bad experience of something happening when you slept near metal?

I suppose one could fear nearly anything.   Look at all the girls and some guys that fear insects   :-)   something one can crush underfoot....

lol...mostly because they are "gross" or whatever.
But I don't get it...Metal? That means you are afraid of your own blood, It contains some metal. :P

Everything in life is somewhat dependent on things that happened in the past.  Sometimes, we even block any specific incidences that may cause us to act / react in particular ways;  or bring about certain fears.  
You didn't live HIS life, so unless he feels comfortable revealing what may have caused this, I don't suggest questioning it further.  He may not even recall what brought it about, in any case, it is not something to "laugh at" as it is a genuine concern (for him, and you have concerns I bet also). 

There are ways to "desensitize" one's self from phobias, but it is a slow process, and one that needs monitored by someone close by, who understand the process.


That doesn't help get rid of the phobia.

Any idea why you're scared of sleeping near metal? Did something bad happen having to do with that?

He may not even recall what brought it about (I have NO idea what brought about my phobia of heights when I was younger, but I had to deal with it....eventually).   Whatever the cause,  normally a slow, controlled desensitizing process, works best.  

Everyone fears some things; and those that don't fear anything should REALLY be afraid.

Everyone's afraid of heights(at a point), It's because we are afraid of falling. >_<
(and come to think of it...I'm not really afraid of anything...except wasps...)

Is it the falling or just the landing?

Most people find an almost irresistible attraction to falling, I would think it is that sudden stop at the end, that we fear the most :-)

And falling because that is the consequence of falling. XD

I mean like "rock climbers",  sky divers, etc.....even with my formerly EXTREME fear of heights, I remember being at the top of the Stairwell at the New York Corning Glass Works museum where there was a very large ball of glass hung by a large and long cable, that swayed in a circular pattern because of the movement (spin) of the earth.  Leaning over the railing gave me a fascinating thrill.  The same at Niagara Falls, leaning over the upper rail made be both dizzy and exhilarated. the floor view of it looked LIKE this but one could view it from several stories high: 
First,  fear of heights and a PHOBIA with heights,   that disrupts your life, are 2 different things.

#2:  why are you afraid of wasps?   I got very acquainted with wasps at one summer camp, where they would swoop down,  "taste" your skin with little feelers, and if you were a spider, then you had something to fear, otherwise, they'd fly off.    It tickled,  and they never stung me (they DID sting a few others that kept swatting that them {out of fear} though.... ;-)

There are even those that are deathly allergic to them, that don't fear them.  

Most of the time, we fear the unknown...but once a fear starts disrupting your life, it is a phobia.

Well...Things like lawn mowers can disturb them, and get then to swarm.(at least that is what i heard on animal planet...)

(and because i got stung by them twice just by walking around in my backyard...and my foor hurt for 3 days...)

Understood....I ran around barefoot all spring and summer long, and so a summer without a YJ sting meant I wasn't outside enough :-)
Yellowjackets,   ground wasps....they burrow into the ground...but I got enough honey bee and bumble bee stings to last a lifetime too.....and they always seem to sting in between the toes......itch for a week afterwards

I got stung right in the center of my foot... For me, it was really painfull, Feels like having it being hit by a hammer or something, for 3 days, I couldn't even walk...

Wow.  I normally didn't react that way (although, for me, it feels like some one sticking a hot poker into your skin, it burns so bad).  I just shook it off and for the next 3 days put up with the severe itching :-)

Well...I got stung by these red/big and fat wasps.

Kind of, But without the violet wings...
On the other hand, What they where doing is going around some flowers, Like bees do...

Hmm,  yellow jackets and any other bees that live in the ground, especially...(and yes, they are a type of wasp).   Still, I mowed lawns for 10 years at home and never had a problem with them.

The only time I ever got a bunch of bees to swarm and attack me was when I accidentally disturbed a nest of Bumble bees.....I never became fearful of them however.   My wife has been bitten by a dog twice,  and  I have been bitten multiple times,  she is very fearful of dogs, and dogs and I get along quite well.....  so what developes these "phobias"?   It is REALLY complex. It IS something alluring about Emergence...for this reason.

Because dogs aren't(that) mysterious, You know what they would do and why. Bees are unpredictable...

Some dogs are very unpredictable......it just depends on one's experience with something and one's reaction to that experience....

Check out my reply to yourcat's comment. I think that brought it about.

Well, I was okay with sleeping near metal before I was eight years old, but I think my family was scammed by a con artist and we had to sleep in a really trashy, lower-class motel. The interiors are filled with rusty metal, dust, and there's animal poo in the corner of the walls. I was really grossed out I had to sleep in the car my dad rented. Now, every time I tried to sleep near metal, the thought of a nekkid skinny Chinese guy licking a rusted doorknob full of poo and bugs in that motel room immediately pierced my mind and won't go away....

Yes,  any traumatic situation can cause a phobia. And the most successful type of "cure" has been a form of desensitization, where one is slowly (and safely) exposed to what causes the stress, over a period of time;  then even eventually, one can tolerate full exposure.    

This IS a VERY real condition. 

It is called:  Metallophobia

I can't imagine, unless you use a safe, expose yourself slowly type of method to overcome it.

How do you sleep at all? Most box springs, and mattresses have metal springs in them, the same for stuffed chairs and sofas.

I can sleep near metal that I can't see or smell.

*I can sleep near metal that I can't see or smell.*

You can actuly smell metal?

Get a handful of change, give it a sniff. Metal definitely has an odour.

Well okay, metal is smelly when it is dirty. But most pure metal (I mean clean metals) does not smell, or maybe it is just me..

It's just you   LOL   no seriously many metal DO have a "metalic" smell to them.  But, true to form, if they are partially oxidated, they smell worse......(not dirty).

Yah. I have a very, very, very good nose.

Lol, the pun master strikes again!

*sigh* my reputation proceeds me. Still I suppose to avoid that, I could have written: I understand.

The irony, I thought your magnetic personality was repulsive to many.