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Feather boards and question about mitre slot on my saw.? Answered

I have a Ryobi table saw and the miter slots have tabs on each side preventing me from making a sled and attaching a feather board . How reliable are magnetic feather boards ? I have tried the so called universal adapters that come with them and they don't fit . I also want to make sled but I have the same problem trying to fin a track kit that fits . Any tips ? Thanks :-)

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-10-03

Magnetic featherboards are awesome, and I think work better than the miter slot ones.

A table saw sled is a great addition to your saw, and making a custom sled for your own saw is straightforward. My Instructable on it has a video to watch, too :)

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crazypj (author)2017-10-08

I would imagine the stops on 'T' slots are bolted or screwed on after slot is machined. Take a look under table for screws, etc. If nothing there, they may be pressed in with steel 'teeth' to prevent easy removal. If cast in, (very unusual?) probably easy enough to file of. Whatever way the stops are there, they should come off somehow ?

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