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Feature Request: k'nex Filter Answered

Would it be possible to somehow implement a k'nex filter for PRO members? I don't really know how the Firefox one works or any programming for that matter, but I was wondering if it was at all viable.


I don't have a problem with this. The way I look at Instructables my eyes tell me what's K'NEX or not... I click or I don't L

hey lem did you see the one question that mentions you and me and knex

not really the question was "where can i find good knex ibles insted of theez lame ones by lemonie and acidbass" that was the question verbatum

I wont type the laughing, but I did and for quite a while - thank you!


it was great but someone flagged it

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ah! I see (this is a new thing for me I have never had to deal with it before)

Look back on previous topics - I'm sure they found out a way to remove Knex somehow...

I know about the plugin, but patrons shouldn't have to go through the trouble to install it.