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Featured Author: Ashleyjlong Answered

Hi everyone!
Recently I had the joy of interviewing the author Ashleyjlong.  If you haven't read it yet just head on over here and read it, I'll wait...
Now that you've returned this is your opportunity to ask any questions you have for Ashley!


I like your stuff especially vampire stuff

Yaaaaaayyy! Congrats - I love your stuff!! :D

Thanks! And thank you for being among the first to welcome me to the site when I started.

No questions, just Bravo, Ashley!

Thanks, Kiteman! I'm so happily addicted to Instructables because of the positive community and users like you!

Love all your creations, but that Krang hat is all I think about :)

Hahaha Thank you! The other day someone asked me if I could make one for their baby. Coolest baby EVER.