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Featured ible but no featured banner and not in the "featured" section of website Answered

Hey! Odd thing happened . . .I got an email from the ever helpful Instructables robot that congratulated me on receiving a feature on my Angocoellum instructable but oddly enough it doesn't seem to be reflected on either the main page or by the little "sash" that normally shows up on the ible thumbnail. My guess was that either the email was in error or perhaps the feature disappeared. I know that i made a couple of small changes to the text of the ible so perhaps that's what's behind the disappearance (if that's indeed what happened) . . . On a side note: Is there some way to thank someone for the feature?! I'd feel like a crummy ingrate to simply ignore the fact that someone had to like it enough to post it to the illustrious main page . . .*shrugs*