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Feed The Birds Day Answered

"Feed the Birds Day" is, oddly, two days - the weekend of 25th and 26th October 2008.

All around the UK, RSPB volunteers will be holding events where the public can learn what to feed garden and wild birds, how to do it properly, and why it is important.

You, too, no matter where you are reading this, should be doing your part for your local birdlife, since bird species around the planet are plunging in numbers at a frankly horrifying rate.

Follow one of the existing projects, create your own bird-feeding Instructable, or just feed the birds, but every contribution will help.

Did you know that a typical nest full of sparrow-sized birds will need anywhere between 10,000 and 50,000 feeds of insects to make it as far as fledging?

RSPB Feed the Birds Day
What, how and when to feed


There is still debate among ornithologists as to whether providing wild birds with an artificial source of food is a good idea at all.

To feed or not to feed?

Some researchers worry that birds might become too dependent on food provided by humans. Bearhop and others call this problem an "ecological trap," because birds become reliant on a food source that is actually unreliable — if people stop putting out bird seeds, the birds might suffer.
Some birds may not migrate and therefore might die during harsh winters.

Feeding birds can also mess up the timing of breeding because birds use cues that tell them what resources, such as food, are available to figure out when they should lay eggs. In particular, breeding is usually timed so that nestlings will be chirping for their supper when insects are most available in springtime.

In studies of the Florida scrubjay, whose nestlings eat only insects, Reed Bowman of the of the Archbold Biological Station in Florida found that birds who had access to feeders tended to breed earlier in the year, before insects were in abundance.etc.

Still, LIVE SCIENCE has concluded that it is ok to feed the birds.

yey birds! i will have to look see if there is any events about, the gf would love it.

Our bird feeder broke during a thunderstorm. I keep meaning to get a new one as I still have a 10 pound bag of feed left. I guess this is as good a reason as any. Plus, the kitties like watching the birds on the porch. :)

I feed birds all the time! Only rice tough...they can't expect gourmet stuff for free. It's gonna cost em. That's right, all the tea!

If it's cooked, and salt-free, that's fine for many species, although many will only take it in the harshest winter. If it's uncooked, all you'll get is pigeons and doves.

I heard that it will expand in their stomachs and sometimes it kills them

Uncooked rice is OK (according to the RSPB). I don't give it because it attracts pigeons.

The food you should never give is dessicated coconut - that can swell up inside the birds.

(Check the links I gave in the OP)

I put it in a container inside some shrubs, perfect for the cute little birds and too small for pigeons. Also, it's sunny year long around here. Remember, there's different birds here and there.

That's true - maybe you could dig up some local feeding tips, and add them here?

They will while you put the food out. Go and sit indoors and watch through the window.

Already feeding the hummingbirds!