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Feeding samick guitar signal and mp3 into guitar input of samick amplifier.? Answered

Hi, My wife is an amateur musician she has a samick amp with two inputs mic, and guitar, we are trying to input a mix of sounds into the guitar input. I have tried a connection from the headphone socket of mp3 player, in a double adaptor config with guitar, this is not ideal, due to the  unbalanced signals, and there is a loud hum.  What can I do short of buying another amp. Also I don't know what the impedances are but suspect the mp3 player is 8-16, and the amp input much higher.

I am wondering whether a simple mixer might help, but I don't know how impedance might affect this, or whether it would actually work.
Thanks for any comment

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thegeeke (author)2011-08-28

A mixer would help. I do pro audio as a side job, and have found that www.allprosound.com usually has the best prices on that kind of stuff. If you do get something from there, call them. They always give you a better deal over the phone.

The problem with the hum is mainly because you have an unbalanced cable, but a mixer should help. Just don't waste your money on berrienger (sp?) products.

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valter2au (author)thegeeke2011-08-28

Thanks geek,
I was wondering if I could use a passive di box with mp3 sound into the output and output going to amp guitar input. Basically I mean can a passive di box be used back to front. Providing I could get one with unbalanced input and output sockets.

I share your view on B products I have been buned before,

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thegeeke (author)valter2au2011-08-28

It would be better than going directlly into the amp, but the whole idea of a di box is to convert unbalanced signal into balanced. That's why they usually go 1/4 in to XLR. You would still be better with a small mixer. I would go with something that has at least a 3 band eq, so that if necessarry, you could eq out any hum that might make it through.

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